Clay Mask & Handmade Dish Set

Clay Mask & Handmade Dish Set

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This ceramic dish and face mask set will bring a sense of luxury to your bathroom. The Really useful Pots handmade ceramic dish is just the right size to make up the Face mask by The Naked Soap Company.

Simply cut open the mask envelope, pour the powder into the dish and make up the mask with water and apply it to your face with fingers or a brush.

The perfect pair to gift to someone in need of a little self-care or to add to your own bathroom to add a little bit of day spa luxe to your skincare regime.

Ceramic dish measures- 10cm x 3cm

Face Mask comes in 4 varieties to choose from-

Pink Clay Mask - All skin types, gentle, mild absorbency.
Ingredients 5g: Kaolin Clay, Australian Pink Clay

Sea Clay Mask - All skin types, gentle, mild absorbency.

Ingredients 5g:  Kaolin Clay, Sea Clay

Bentonite Clay Mask - Good for oily skin, very absorbent, fine grit, exfoliating.

Ingredients 5g: Kaolin Clay, Bentonite Clay

Rhassoul Clay Mask - Good for normal to oily skin, high in silica and magnesium, fine grit, high absorbency.

Ingredients 5g: Kaolin Clay, Rhassoul Clay