Chemical free fire lighters for use when camping
Firelighters out of box
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Fire Lighters Chemical Free

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These fantastic little balls are a perfect 100% natural, chemical free alternative to commercially bought fire lighters!

Helping businesses towards their goal of zero waste, these are made from the off cuts of beeswax wraps.

As the edges of the wraps are trimmed, fine pieces of waxed fabric are left…. they are then hand rolled into a ball and make the most perfect firelighter ever!

One ball will burn for around five minutes, meaning you will only need a couple to get your fire kicking. This means less paper required to start the fire, and certainly no chemicals being burned and entering the atmosphere or your lungs.

Available in beeswax, our firelighters are a must for camping as they are completely waterproof. So many wins!

There are 25 lighters on each box.


Firelighters make the perfect gift for any occasion. Keep a pack in the house, in the camping box and in the boat! You will be glad you did.