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Safety Razor Blade Disposal Bank

Safety Razor Blade Disposal Bank


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Introducing Parker Razor Bank – Your Eco-Friendly Blade Disposal Solution!

Want a safe and environmentally friendly way of disposing of your razor blades?

Say goodbye to the hassle of disposing of razor blades with the innovative Razor Bank from Parker. This smart product not only helps you store your used blades safely but also contributes to a greener, safer planet.

Made entirely from recyclable metal, the Razor Bank is a socially responsible choice for conscious consumers. Its durable construction ensures it can hold up to 50 blades, making it the perfect long-term storage solution for months of use.

Using the Razor Bank is a breeze – simply deposit your used blades in the all-metal container. When the bank is full, you have two low impact options: recycle the entire unit or empty the blades and reuse the bank – the choice is yours!

With approximate dimensions of L: 6.35cm x W: 4.45cm x H: 5.4cm, this compact and stylish bank easily fits into any drawer or bathroom countertop.

Keeps sharp objects where they belong. Out of sight and out of mind!                                

One person, Doing one thing, Does Matter.                           


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