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Back to Basics

There is no denying that things have been stressful and induced unsettling feelings in both the adults and kids of our household in the recent times as the COVID-19 Pandemic has made it mark on the world and caused massive changes to the way that we all operate due to enforced changes by the Governments to slow the transmission rate and 'flatten the curve'.

For us, this looks like kids at home away from school and me trying to get stuff done with the addition of helping kids with school work and the increased needs of both of them. The other adult in our household is a frontline healthcare worker and with that has brought its own challenges and stressors. This has really lead to us taking a day by day approach to how we do things.

One thing that has changed is our reliance on bringing premade groceries into the home, both food and cleaning products. This is related to not having them available at grocery stores and also not wanting to head into said grocery stores whenever we run out of something. Thankfully we have a well-stocked pantry and I have a large collection of materials and ingredients for making DIY cleaning and body care products.

It has been nice to get the bread baking going again- as let's be honest, who doesn't love the smell of baking bread! The best thing is that I can get a loaf made in about 2-3 hours- so can make as we need it.

Home baked loaf of bread

As I write this we have used all of our shop-bought dishwasher powder and tablets so it is time to have a go at making them with the ingredients that I have had on hand for some time now. That is on the list of things to do this afternoon. The added benefit is that I can get the older of the kids to help with the weighing and measuring and making of them- which is good for her reading and numeracy skills.

Glass Spray Bottle

We already have homemade multipurpose cleaners- both spray and cream cleaner, so we can just whip up a bit more when we run out as these are made from pantry staples.

For most of us, we have more time in our days- even if working from home than we usually do. so what better time to have a go at getting back to basics and making more of your own food from scratch and getting your hands in on some DIY of cleaning and body products. I'll share some of my favourite, easy recipes below to get you going.

General Purpose cleaner recipeCream Cleanser Recipe

Dishwasher Tablets Recipe

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