Collection: ECO BATHROOM

Welcome to Eco Patch's Eco Bathroom collection, where sustainability meets self-care. We believe that every small choice we make in our daily routines can have a big impact on the environment, and our thoughtfully curated selection of eco-friendly bathroom products reflects this commitment.

Bamboo and Silicone Buds: Both our choices of Bamboo or Silicone Buds are designed with your health and the planet in mind. One crafted from natural bamboo and the other soft silicone, these buds are a fantastic alternative to single-use cotton swabs. The bamboo buds are compostable and the silicone buds can be washed and reused many times reducing waste in landfill.

Vegan Makeup Brushes: Improve your beauty routine with our Vegan Makeup Brushes.  A guilt-free choice for makeup enthusiasts who care about the planet. Achieve a flawless look while promoting ethical practices.

Bamboo Facial Rounds: Ditch those disposable cotton pads for good with our Bamboo Facial Rounds. These reusable and biodegradable rounds are perfect for applying toner, removing makeup, or cleansing your skin. They're easy to clean, making them a sustainable addition to your skincare regimen.

Konjac Sponge: The Konjac Sponge is a skincare secret that's both natural and eco-friendly. Made from the root of the konjac plant, this sponge gently exfoliates and cleanses your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. When it's time to replace it, rest easy knowing it's biodegradable.

Loofah: Our Loofahs offer an eco-conscious way to exfoliate your skin. Sourced from natural fibers, they're perfect for scrubbing away dead skin cells. After their long life of pampering your skin, they return to the Earth without harm.

Nail Brush: Keep your nails clean with our sustainable Nail Brush. Made from eco-friendly materials this brush helps maintain healthy nails while reducing your environmental footprint.

Hair Brush and Comb: Treat your hair with care using our Gentle Hair Brush and Comb. Crafted from eco-friendly materials, these tools are designed to minimize hair breakage while being gentle on the environment. Say goodbye to plastic alternatives and hello to sustainable hair care.

Bamboo Soap Holder: Complete your eco-friendly bathroom setup with our Bamboo Soap Holder. This stylish and practical accessory allows your soap to air dry, extending its lifespan and minimizing waste.

Papermoon Natural Deodorants:

At Eco Patch, we're dedicated to helping you make eco-conscious choices without compromising on quality. Our Eco Bathroom collection embodies our passion for sustainable living and self-care. Join us in making a positive impact on our beautiful planet, one bathroom product at a time.

Make your bathroom a sanctuary of sustainability with Eco Patch's Eco Bathroom collection. Embrace products that are good for you and the Earth. Your daily routines just got a whole lot greener!