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DENTtab Toothpaste Tablets - With Fluoride

DENTtab Toothpaste Tablets - With Fluoride


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DENTtabs toothpaste tablets with fluoride, our eco-friendly and sustainable dental care solution, are a top choice for environmentally conscious customers looking to reduce plastic waste while maintaining their oral hygiene.

  • Plastic-Free Packaging: DENTtabs come in compostable packaging, reducing plastic waste and contributing to a cleaner environment. 
  • Zero-Waste: by using DENTtabs, you are actively participating in the zero-waste movement, as there is really no need for plastic toothpaste tubes.
  • Fresh Breath: DENTtabs effectively clean teeth and provide long-lasting fresh breath, ensuring your oral hygiene is top notch
  • Flouride Options: You can choose between fluoride and fluoride-free options  to suit your dental needs, making DENTtabs suitable for all oral hygiene choices.

    Denttab toothpaste tablets are made from simple certified organic ingredients. Free from preservatives, fillers, aluminium, and harsh chemicals like triclosan and SLS. This product also contains also contain fluoride which can help prevent tooth decay and sensitivity.  

    DENTtab toothpaste tablets are available in a 2-month (125 tablets) recyclable pack or if you would like to try them there is a 3-day trial pack available.

    How to use: Just

    1. Chew tablet
    2. Brush with a wet toothbrush
    3. Spit
    4. Rinse

    For optimal freshness, we suggest storing your Toothpaste Tablets in an airtight container or jar after opening. However, if you prefer a gentler mint flavor, you can choose to leave the container or jar lid off for a while.

    DENTtabs toothpaste tablets offer a sustainable and practical solution for maintaining excellent oral hygiene while actively reducing plastic waste. Make the switch to DENTtabs today and join the movement toward a more eco-friendly and environmentally conscious dental care routine.

    For Ages 6+ Do not eat. Keep out of reach from small children. 

    Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, silica, sodium laurel glutamate, magnesium stearate, the natural mint aroma of menthol, stevia, xantham gum, sodium fluoride, eugenol. Contain 1200-1400ppm Fluoride.

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