• Plastic Free shopping in the Barossa Valley

    I have been working on cutting down the packaging on all of our shopping for quite a long time now but decided to go full throttle about 12 months ago when I launched Eco Patch. Since then, I have continued to search out businesses and shops that will allow me to buy my groceries unpackaged- or in biodegradable or very easily recyclable packaging. This post will be specific about the businesses close to us in the Barossa Valley- although will be useful for others who are not nearby as I will give some tips about how you can start approaching places to help you get unpackaged goods. 
  • Traveling Plastic Free

    This is a review of my recent trip to Sydney and the ways I worked to have a plastic-free trip- as much as possible. Whilst there were some not so good times, there were more successes with preventing the use of single-use items during the trip.
  • Compost Week Review

    So International Compost Awareness Week draws to a close for 2019. I hope in the last week you have learned something new and have been inspired to change up the way you manage your food waste in your household.

    A review of what we have done at Eco Patch HQ and some recommendations on how to make a change to incorporate composting in your waste reduction journey.

  • May Masterclass- Composting 101

    To celebrate International Compost Awareness Week, we have written a quick how-to about composting- including an outline of how we compost at Eco Patch HQ.