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Tips for Enjoying Caravanning and Leaving the Least Footprint on the Planet

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As a couple who have always loved the outdoors and visiting new places, caravanning has been a favourite type of holiday of ours for many years. However, as we've become older and more aware of the impact that our actions and the action of others have on the environment, we've been working towards making our caravanning trips more environmentally-conscious. Here are some of my tips and ideas for caravanning more responsibly:

  1. Choose a fuel-efficient vehicle: When it comes to caravanning, the type of vehicle you choose can have a big impact on the environment. Look for a fuel-efficient car or SUV that can tow your caravan without guzzling too much fuel. This too, will contribute towards saving you dollars to enjoy yourself!

  2. Decrease your waste: When packing for our trip, even before we leave, we think about ways to minimize our waste. We take reusable containers and drinking bottles for snacks and meals and replace disposable serviettes and towels with reusable ones.

  3. Use eco-friendly products: Look to purchase and reuse eco-friendly products. These can be cheaper in the long run and will take away the guilt of leaving a nasty footprint on the planet. We pack and use a lot of products that I have in store and I am proud of what we can contribute to the planet. Check out my store, there may be things in there that you haven't even thought of.

  4. Choose where you camp carefully: When choosing where to camp, look for those sites that are low-impact. Many campsites may have eco-friendly initiatives in place, such as recycling programs and low-flow showers. Watch out for overhanging branches!!

  5. Reduce your energy consumption: Even when staying in your caravan, make an effort to reduce your energy consumption whenever possible. Solar panels are a great idea! We have panels mounted on the roof of our caravan and we use portable ones as well. These run the fridge in the car and also lights in the caravan. We always need to have a cold drink handy!

  6. Leave no trace: If you go exploring the great outdoors, it's important to leave no trace. This means picking up all of your rubbish, bringing it back with you and leaving the area exactly as you found it.

  7. Support local businesses: When we need to stock up on supplies or we eat out (which I love to do), we always try to choose locally owned businesses that are socially-responsible.

  8. When you explore: If exploring new areas, be mindful of the impact that any of what you do may have on the environment. Stick to designated paths, avoid upsetting wildlife and leave any natural resources untouched.

By following these tips and making a conscious effort to be sustainable, you too  can enjoy all the benefits of caravanning while minimizing your impact on the environment. Just like we do!!

If you have any other tips you would like to share, please do, all welcome, all our tips are revised before next trip!

Happy travels!

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