Where are your products made?

As much as possible we try to stock Australian Made and Australian Owned products in our store. Some of these products are made outside of Australia as they simply do not make them in Australia. 

Are all of your products Plastic Free?

Whilst we aim to have 100% plastic free products in the store there are a few that do contain small amounts of easily separable plastic- this tends to be because natural alternatives are made from Animal products which is not ideal for many of our vegan customers. The product descriptions will always mention if there is plastic containing elements and how to dispose of them.

Where do you ship?

We ship everywhere in Australia, however due to quarantine laws there are a few products that we can not send into certain states.

We are looking at adding shipping to New Zealand in the next few months- hopefully before the end of 2021. And we are exploring shipping internationally, however it will be a matter of cost benefit as often it will cost so much more than the cost of the product to get it to you as we do not have the volume to have get competitive shipping rates which we can pass on just yet.

 Can I trial your products?

Yes! Some of the products which are a little more personal preference or things you are not used to are available for testing and we have sample packs available with free shipping on them. We will continue to add samples of products as they become available to us so you can give things a go without having to buy the full sizes item.

Are you Carbon Neutral?

Yes, we are carbon neutral as we purchase trees to be planted to offset business activities from Trees for Life SA. In the future we will be a certified carbon neutral business as we will be offsetting our business activities with an approved carbon offsetting company. We will continue to support Trees for Life with our product sponsorship program and business membership with Trees for Life.