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Loofah - Body - Compostable

Loofah - Body - Compostable

Brush It On

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The Body Loofah from Brush it On is a fantastic addition to your plastic-free bathroom, as they provide a great exfoliating clean and will leave your skin super smooth and healthy. 

This Body Loofah is made from the Loofah plant (a type of gourd) with a cotton backing and edge, complete with an elastic strap to help you hold the pad during use. The loofah itself can be home composted at the end of its life, just remove the elastic band at the back before composting.

Dry your loofah after each use by hanging it up.


  • 15cm x 10cm

How To Use:

  • Soak the loofah before use for approx. 2 mins and wait for it to puff up
  • Use with water or a small amount of natural soap
  • Rinse after use and hang to dry
  • Compost the sponge at the end of its life
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