Collection: Earthi

Earthi Stainless Steel Pegs are now availabe in two sizes.

  • 2mm stainless wire these heavy duty pegs are suitable for items like jeans and jumpers.
  • 1mm stainless steel wire these are lighter weight and suitable for all your delicates. These pegs are fantastic if you need something that is easy to open.

They will outlive any plastic peg and will last you for decades. 

These pegs do not get hot even on the hottest of Australian summer days and have a great firm grip to hold your washing on the line.

While they will withstand being left on the line in most situations (except in coastal areas- as they will be prone to rust), to promote longevity, you should not keep them on the line between uses.

Say goodbye to crumbling plastic pegs and dirty marks on your clothes and hello to a peg that will be with you in years to come.