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Soap - Beard Pack

Soap - Beard Pack

The Australian Natural Soap Co

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Sporting a beard is here to stay! For the man who’s strong, rugged and snuggly. This scrumptious smelling soap-bar and hydrating beard oil keeps your face shrubbery soft, strokable and well-groomed with the skin underneath soothed.

Find bearded bliss 

What’s bang-on for keeping face fuzz fresh, soft, stylish and (not to be sneezed at) itch-free? Our Beard Grooming Kit. It does it all and makes you smell stunning.

Treat your own or your significant other’s beard to some tender loving care from two of our favourite products: 

  • Solid Beard Shampoo Bar and Man Care Oil
  • Snuggly stowed in a nifty travel tin. Ready to grab and go. 

Solid Beard Shampoo Bar - Hand cut to roughly 8x6x3cm (100g)

Deep cleanses and more. This solid block is made of pure good stuff, grapeseed, olive and sweet almond oils that tame, soften and silkify (yep, that’s a word) your beard. They also help your skin stay hydrated and healthy.  

Here’s the thing. Healthy, happy, moisturised skin plus a super clean, soft, shiny beard equals… you guessed it… an itch-resistant face. 

Zesty, citrusy scents of geranium, lemongrass, and sweet orange make you smell just fine… there’s no better way to put it (imagine emoji wink)  

Our solid beard shampoo bar gives you and your day a turbo-boost before you’ve even had morning coffee or any other kick-start beverage of choice.

Sustainable packaging makes it an eco-friendly alternative to chemical-laden shampoos in single-use plastic.

Man Care Oil - Blended to make you feel brilliant (25ml)

For men who want to feel strong, rugged, and super-powered. But know that real strength lies in feeling soft, smooth, and smelling as good as you look. Man Care Oil’s got you covered.  

A bonzer blend of plant oils. Argan, rice bran and sweet almond moisturise and nourish your skin. Himalayan cedarwood, cinnamon and spearmint oils make you smell musky, woody, grassy and gorgeous. 

A practical gift with a touch of luxe for bearded wearers who want the best  

  • Deep cleanses your beard, exfoliates and softens your skin, keeps beard itch at bay
  • Simplifies everything – no need for anything else; these two beard-mates have got you covered   
  • Smells so good you’ll wonder what took you so long to find this beard-taming duo  
  • Won’t dry out your beard or your skin. Dry, wiry beards and flaky skin are tough to manage. You don’t want that
  • Makes a clever, quirky, affordable gift for your favourite hairy faces 

Last word

Totally transportable, stash the tin in your sports bag, glovebox, or office drawer for spur-of-the-moment sploshes and last-minute tidy-ups.

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