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BioBag Freezer Food Bag 6L

BioBag Freezer Food Bag 6L


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These BioBag Freezer Food Storage Bags help to keep food fresher for longer in the freezer or fridge. The best bit, these bags are completely compostable. When you have finished using the freezer bag, place it into your compost or green bin (check with your local council first). They contain no microplastics and won't leave any toxic residues in the compost or earth. Each freezer bag features an 11cm long split at the top of the opening to make it easy to tie up. 

The primary purpose of a BioBag is to offer a plastic alternative that can divert food waste from landfill and put valuable nutrients into the soil via composting.

Each Box has a roll of 20 bags that are 24cm x 50cm and have a capacity of 6L. The bags are clear which makes it easier to see what is in the bag.

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