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Produce Bag - Cotton Mesh

Produce Bag - Cotton Mesh

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There really is no excuse to use plastic bags for fruit and veg, or even bread rolls and other large food items. These Reusable Mesh Produce Bags are the perfect alternative to the conventional plastic produce bag. Why? Well, they are 100% cotton so won't stick around forever when you are done using them; the mesh weave makes it easy for you and the shop staff to see what is in your bag and you can even wash and store your produce in the bag!

The bags are lightweight and machine washable, and super easy to have on hand when you hit the supermarket or farmers market. The bags feature a drawstring and metal toggle closure, so your apples will not fall out and roll around in your shopping basket or car boot.

Each pack contains 2 bags- 20x30cm in size

Hero Tip: Keep a stash of these bags in your car or bag so you always have them on hand when you hit the shops!

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