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Shaving Brush - Lilvio

Shaving Brush - Lilvio


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Introducing the Lilvio Vegan Shave Brush with a Bamboo Handle – the eco-friendly and animal-friendly way to elevate your shaving game!

Trade those harsh bristles for soft synthetic ones that pamper your skin. These vegan friendly bristles are all about giving you a comfortable and smooth shave, minus the guilt! No animals were harmed in the making of this fabulous brush.

When it's time to bid farewell, remember that the handle can return to the earth through composting, but kindly remove the bristles first – they aren't quite as earth-friendly, but hey, nobody's perfect!

  • Naturally vegan and cruelty free as this product does not use animal hair but synthetic bristles.
  • Bamboo is naturally antibacterial.
  • Synthetic brushes help create a rich lather.
  • Soft and strong.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Comfortable handle with wide base so it stands easily.
  • Best dried laying flat or hanging with bristles down.
  • Brush measures 11cm from base to bristle tip.

It's time to shave like a true eco-warrior, one stroke at a time!

One person, Doing one thing, Does Matter

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