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Tooth Powder - Acitivated Charcoal

Tooth Powder - Acitivated Charcoal

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This 100% natural activated charcoal teeth whitening powder helps absorb plaque and other compounds that stain your teeth.

One reusable metal jar contains 40 grams of a mint-flavoured tooth powder which allows for approximately 70 uses.

Activated charcoal is a finely milled black powder made from coconut shells. The charcoal is processed with high heat, which “activates” it. This changes its internal structure, making it more porous than regular charcoal. It’s also processed in this way to rid it of any additional substances that are harmful to humans. This is an all-natural alternative treatment that helps remove discolouration while brightening and whitening your teeth.

Always make sure the products you use aren’t too abrasive for your teeth. Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA) is a guide to measure abrasiveness for dental products and it is recommended you use products of a score of 200 or below. Activated charcoal powder scores a low 70 to 90 on the RDA scale, while most whitening toothpaste score between 100 to 200 RDA.

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