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Straws - Wheat

Straws - Wheat

Little Green Panda

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If you are looking for a disposable but still very sustainable straw option, these Wheat Straws are for you. The Wheat Straw is made from the stem of the wheat plant. Non-toxic and biodegradable, it is a safe and eco-friendly single-use alternative to plastic straws. Perfect for hot or cold drinks, wheat straws also get points for not getting soggy.

70 Straws in each box.

  • Soggy-free
  • 100% compostable
  • Gluten-free Certified
  • Taste-free
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • FDA Approved
  • Regular length 20cm

Wheat straws should only be used for drinking. They are not intended to be eaten or digested.

The Wheat Straws gain elasticity with time in your drink, meaning it can be bent and will come back to form! It has all the benefits of a plastic straw, and won't get soggy!

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